Saturday, 15 May 2010


My glasses are broken  my boots are ready for the bin,and I,m feeling ready for the knackers yard.
But a good hot shower food good company a glass of wine a good nights sleep and you hit the road if not running at least moving in a forward direction.
 the last few days have seen every type of weather going and as I sit here in the Casa Nostra in Castrojeriz the sun shines.
   a 30k walk into Logrono mostly in pouring rain, snowstorms from Ages through Atapuerca to a full house in Burgos, A-2 walk into Hornillos del Camino and the stickest mud I have ever walked through into Hontanas,I sat in the bar there with what looked like canoes attached to my feet.
But this is the Camino and every time I feel low it provides.
  when I left Los Arcos early after arguing with the rude owner of the Albergue the sun broke through and gave me the best early morning diserted walk into Sansol,there to share 2 coffees with Sandra from Canada who was also feeling low.and one hour later with spirits revied we hit the road.
 when I walked out of SJPP with my daughter Sally we met 2 Korean girls Hatchi and Kimi who were walking the full 28km.we enjoyed their company and worried about them in their lightweight plimsoles as they left us at Orrison,we never met them again.
 walking through Azofra feeling the pain in my knee and thinking that maybe I would finish in Burgos I was enveloped in a double hug from the two girls who had taken 12 hours to walk to Roncesvalles,their laughter and good humour was infectious and as I shared their bread and cheese my love for the way was restored.
 and so it goes on,you quickly become friends with so many people and we encourage each other on this road to Santiago, but the Knee may still do for me so maybe I finish in Leon ???


  1. Load up on anti-inflamatories and wine. That is my best medical advice for the dodgy knee. Keep going. Liattle Brother

  2. Maybe you will finish in Leon and maybe you won't... There's a shoe shop in Leon for sure anyhow... it's been a good old walk in any case! If ever I walk there again I am sure to skip the main road bits into and out of Leon. And the landscape from Hospital de Orbigo on- the back route- was one of the best restoratives my soul had on the whole walk. I loved it. So maybe if you make it was far as Astorga those gorgeous landscapes from there on will call to you and you won't be able to stop- knee and all. Best advice my friend with a bad knee had was in Cacebelos from the masseur- just walk 20km no more per day- or less if need be- Sant Iago will still be there waiting..