Friday, 28 May 2010

The Walking Man

Just arrived in Villafranca with O Cebreiro to climb tomorrow or maybe the day after.
 can,t believe my knee is holding up, each night ice is applied and I keep going. It seems I have no choice I have been walking so long my legs seem to have a life of there own,I step out the door and off they go,as anyone who has walked the Camino knows that its hard to leave, because the Camino is the people on it,the ones you walk with eat with sing songs and drink wine with,no need for me to travel the World its right here walking this road to Santiago with me.My tan gets deeper and my beard gets longer and I am in a good place. (davidwho sang the blog title song?)


  1. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. James Taylor. Thats not testing me.Try harder.

    Who sang "walking to New Orleans". You could use it as your next theme song.

    (thanks Mr Google).

  2. Ian.... and when you reach the top of O'Cebreiro and see that sign that says 152.5 Km to Santiago, even your knee will agree that that is a walk in the park to finish....
    Someone just made a comment on one of your forum posts with a question about your video from SJPP to Burgos. I nearly made a reply to say you weren't online, you must be about at O'Cebreiro right now on your second Camino.... then I came to find your blog and that is exactly where you are!

  3. Hi Ian,
    Enjoy the last stretch of your journey....I can't believe that you're nearly there. Thanks for the posts.
    Bonner route

  4. that would be James Taylor :) hope your knee keeps holding up..still love reading your blog. very glad to hear you are in " a good place" :)

  5. I like Number 1 daughters comment!!!