Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"All revved up and no-where to go"

Made it as far as Stansted Airport to find the flight cancelled.
I have often watched scenes of closed down Airports on TV with 100's of stranded passengers,yesterday Rosie and I were part of the huddled masses wondering what to do next.
I was all for heading for the French ferry crossing and driving to Spain through France but Rosie rightly persuaded me to drive home and live to fight another day.
good old Ryanair transferred us on to the 8am flight on Wednesday which reduces our 7 day stroll to a 5 day route march - up at 2am drive to stansted arrive Spain 11 am bus to ferrol get passport from tourism office 4pm then walk 24k to Pontedeuma find a bed for the night and repeat daily till Sunday.
Strangely this has galvanised us and looking forward to the challenge even more,even emptied the rucksack a little bit,but still kept the traveling kettle-I do like my morning cuppa and Rosie is not fit company in a morning without her caffeine rush.
So once more into the breach dear friends.


  1. Just a thought, Ian, as walking 24 km from 4pm after a very early start and a flight and bus journey seems a tall order - what about changing to the A Coruna route? The first stage to Hostel Alba is 13 km.

    Whatever - the best of luck to you both and we look forward to hearing how it goes...
    best wishes

  2. Brrrrrr....you two are pretty brave! I am glad I am walking in April/May. Good luck with the adventure and keep on posting! 8-)

    In Sunny Santa Fe

  3. Hi Ian and Rosie, Little brother David here. Just thought Id let you know that I was checking your blog for progress reports.
    All the best,