Thursday, 12 February 2009


Slept well and all thoughts of a early start faded once we saw the weather (still raining)and the fact its still dark at 9am in Spain at this time of year,great!! a chance to be miserable and walk into trees at the same time.
but our spirits rose as it grew lighter and the rain stopped enough for us to start the days walk,

having really enjoyed our first experience of an auberge we were keen to try and make the next one at Mino about 24k down the road.
Apart from being a bit stiff and sore from yesterday didn't feel too bad,daily walks in Norfolk may not help you cope with the ups and downs of Galicia but they sure help your recovery rate apart from my elastoplastered prawn of a toe all was well, as it was with Rosie who's £2 Van trainers from the car boot held up realy well and would continue to do so for the rest of the walk
whereas my fancy boots days were numbered.
The walk started from behind the Abuberge facing the double loop bridge from the last posting
and followed the river round on a pleasant no traffic path used by late morning workers joggers and people just out for the air all happy to wish us good day,even the occasional shower couldn't dampen our spirit, we had planned and trained for this and now we were there.

the path gradually rises up past the town and we experienced great views of the ria and ferrol below us, we settled into a rhythm of just walking and following way marks,once up amongst the trees you could see the havoc the winter had done with trees fallen down all over the place some blocking the way which meant either detours or brushing up on our climbing and limbo dancing skills.
the day started to take its toll as the showers became more frequent and spirits dampened even further after one heavy burst caught us in an open field soaking us in seconds, we managed to dry off a bit as we made our decent back to the river and the bridge to Pontedeuma but the damage was done,once again it looked like we would not make our intended destination and a short break in a warm bar in the villa real where to cries of perigrinos sausages were placed in front of us made up our mind we needed warmth food drink and a bed in that order,so we set off in search, the Bar Louis provided the warmth and the bed the local supermarket provided the rest,with wet clothes drying on the warm radiators of the bar louis and Rosie propped up in front of galician tv I went in search of an Internet cafe.
I found out 2 things that night Pontedeuma is a great town with great bars and I'm still a very good pool player.

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