Friday, 20 February 2009


The taxi deposited us in the cathedral square the finishing point of the walk,a bit of an inglorious end but we had got there, all but 25k on foot against the loss of 2 days and with the elements against us, I reckon we had done bloody well especially Rosie with her bad knee on this last days walk, I was even more pleased to find the fare was 15 and not 50 euros.we went in search of a bed for the night and found one just by the Cathedral in a small square,but not before we had circled the old town looking,Rosie was tired and had had enough-strong words were spoken as she took the initiative
my purse feared the worst but I got off lightly.

40 euros for a double room in the heart of Santiago
we had sat in this square on a sunnier visit watching the world and his brother go by,most of them wearing backpacks and here we now were wearing our own.

we had soon showered and changed and set off in search of food and wine.
a nice but pricey tapas bar served the purpose but tonight we were tired and weary and soon back in our warm room.

we spent the next morning the day of our departure as tourists,me seeking yesterdays Sun
day papers and a Internet cafe,while Rosie sat in a nice cafe and drank cafe con leche and eating Santiago tart.

we revisited the pilgrims office for our final stamp and compostella ( we had earned it)
far too soon we were on the bus to the airport stocked up with ham cheese and a bottle of alberino which we consumed while reflecting on what had been our first (fairly) long walk together and hopefully not our last

we landed to a snowy welcome and to find the police had broken up a party held by our 18 year old daughter at our house on Friday night,the house though was spotless everyone had tidied up afterwards,if only we can get them to do that on a regular basis.

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