Saturday, 16 October 2010


So I made it,now what to do for the next 3 weeks,I will let the Camino decide and walk again on this French way at least for a little way, already there are more people in my dorm here than I have seen for the passed 4 weeks I,m kind of liking it,last night I had a 40 bunk place all to myself,it was cold-so cold in fact that I retreated to the warmth of the kitchen and putting the 4 electric plates on max managed to plunge the whole place into darkness,it took me half an hour stumbling about in the dark to find the trip switch,tonight I have to have a top bunk its so full=but at least its nice being in a town I know.
 I,m sure looking back I will remember the Via de la Plata with fondness,the first half at least (the last half was a bit of a slog over never changing terrain, Apart from the welcome solitude what I will remember most is the kindness of strangers and the warmth of the people on the route-always a friendly greeting to this pilgrim,I hope it stays like that when the route gets more popular, I entered Zamora like a king being greated  it seemed by the whole population, all of them pointing out the way and where to find the aulbergue, leaving Benavente up the hill I stopped for a rest and a dark clad old lady gave me grapes and bannanas for the road and asked I say a prayer for her in Santiago-that I will do-the staff given me carved with the words Camino de Santiago my first proper staff, the lady said my eucaliptas branch was not proper,even the few cyclists have all been welcoming all calling out greatings, the cars and lorries that honked a greating just when I was feeling low lifted my spirits and made the way less hard and last but not least the younger women that gave me a flirty smile and wave as she passed in her smart car,that was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and made this man of a certain age feel a lot younger and put a spring in my step for the next 5 km.
 so if I walk all the way to Santiago its 250km more and with 3 weeks thats just over 11k per day,I plan to take my time and enjoy it all or book an early flight if not.
 just been told the doors are open in the morning at 6-30 and out by 8 as it does not get light till 9 and at the moment its very cold and I don,t cast a shadow till at least 11 its going to be interesting-welcome to the wacky races.

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  1. Well, one thing's for sure- I know you won't be restraining yourself down to 11km per day- so either there is an early return or another wee adventure to be dreamed up!