Saturday, 9 October 2010


Just arrived in Zamora walking poco poco,I,m now the cat that walks alone,the whole road is mine to myself I have reached that stage in any Camino when my mind is still-I stroll the way as if promanading down any country lane with not a care in the world,each day a new sunset view each morning a new sunrise the most people in any of the aubergues is 4-Vasco from Portugal from day one has caught up a French lady and one German guy Martin but I never see them on the road.
 the weather gets cooler now (21c) and today it rained for the first time turning the dusty clay track into a quadmire but all is well all is taken in my stride I work through the songs of Bob Dylan and Fairport Convention in my mind and the birds join in "Zipperdy do dah Zipperdy a my oh my what a wonderfull day"
 this trippy state of mind might have a lot to do with the fact I,m in the final stages ( I HOPE ) of a bad head cold and I am eating tablets-but the stages now are small 17 to 20km and I´m getting into my stride.
My flight home is not till the 9th Nov so as the man sang "We have all the time in the World"
 hopefully I can retain this zen like state of mind when I reach Astorga, the next main town is Benavente about 60km down the road,it may take a little time "As I gaze apon the chimes of freedom flashing"


  1. You sound like one 'blissed out' pilgrim Ian enjoy!

  2. Wow, theres a memory! ...Zippety Do Dah??? That was my first album..played on my parents new stereo in the living room! Songs of the South Album, I probably drove my mother mad....over and over!

  3. Em safely off to York, and I too am finally enjoying my solitude!
    So glad now I let you go...should have done so long ago, you needed this more than me, I think...
    R X

  4. I needed it a long time ago floss,shame you were not the one to travel with me better late than never, you just wasted my precious time
    Ian x