Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I have a fear of bridges and as nice as these roman one,s may be they still have to be crossed and the walls were not ment for 6 foot high people and with a rucksack making me top heavy I am in a state till I get to the other side often walking in the middle of the road and traffic till I get to the other side.
 I am now in Benavente the last week as been much of a muchness the days all blend into one sleep and walk the vista remains the same each day a 2 metre wide track fairly close to the N630 ( like the meseta only not as crowded) my constant companion in fact my only one,we now part company as it winds its way to Leon,one of these days I will drive its full length and visit as a tourist the great city of Salamanca and others,till then I pound out the miles, its a great walk for stillness and quite contemplation but I was never one for keeping quite too long,so still with the remains of the cold and in an effort to get to Astorga sooner I treeked 35km into Benavente took too long to find the empty locked Refugio and at 8-30pm too late to get the key from the tourist office,this will give you some idea of how many people walk this way, this Refugio sleeps 80 and like tigger I,m the only one.
   the hostell Bristol was 18 euros and worth every penny,but now after the punishing walk I am tired, the girl in the tourist office offers me the key to stay another night,I am tempted that or just walk 8km to the next Refugio at Villabrazaro-the best laid plans of mice and men and all that, my attempt to gain ground as backfired, so I sit in this library and catch up.

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