Friday, 29 October 2010

Stormy Weather

today the rain came as only it can in Galicia and found me poorly equiped to cope,I had plans to make Pedrozo but fell 3km short and now stay in Santa Irena a place with no food and no kitchen but hot showers and very hot heaters ideal to dry all my gear, I made the mistake of hand washing most of my stuff back in Ribadiso do Baixo and it didn,t dry so poorly equiped I faced the day and what a day it was-I was soaked to the bone and on my last legs my fingers did not work and I was questioning the meaning of it all if not life itself,the bar I now sit in I passed 1km before the albergue too wet and cold to stop- the only way to keep warm was to keep walking,now I sit here well feed Germans and Dutch to the left of me and Lee from Korea to my right,a great bar great food (10euro,s) plus when you eat on your own a full botle of wine to yourself-today I have gone from the depths of dispair to one well fed happy pilgrim-only on the Camino.
 now I sit 22km short of Santiago and a promised party to finish off this 1000km walk.Still have not worked out what to do for the last 10days of my trip-I will let the weather and my purse decide


  1. Ahhh Galicia knows how to turn on a good dump of rain! In our case we decided on a short day and stayed the night at Monte de Gozo, where we could barely find the albergue in the heavy fog!

  2. Ian, congratulations again on reaching Santiago again! (I presume you're they're by now). I've loved reading your blog and seeing your photos [deep nostalgic sigh]. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure ... if it's walks on the beach you're after, there's always the Camino del Norte .. might even be mermaids singing. :-) Kiwi Jo

  3. Goodevening Ian, And congratulations on reaching Santiago! Did you see the pope? It is now the 7th of November, maybe you are at home already. Did you walk to Finisterre also? How many times have you walked the Way?
    And again: Nice and warm pictures. I hope you are safe and warm. It is raining in Holland also. Greetings!

  4. i stumbled upon your blog tonight and i'm loving it. i must have been just a couple of days behind you on the Camino last year... i arrived in Santiago on the 7th... one day after the Pope was there. great blog. i am feeling nostalgic after reading just a few of your entries. MUST GO AGAIN!

    cheers from California